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Alfred 3.5 is Ready for High Sierra

Today, Apple is releasing macOS High Sierra to the general public, after a period in beta.

Alfred is High Sierra ready, so grab Alfred 3.5 from the Update tab or from our website to make the most of it.

If you're ready to jump in with High Sierra, here are a few tips to make your experience as smooth as possible when using Alfred.

Give your Mac time to reindex

On installing High Sierra, your Mac may need a moment to rebuild its metadata index, which Alfred relies on to present you with file results.

You may find that your Mac's running at a higher CPU load during this time, but within an hour or so, indexing should be complete and both Spotlight and Alfred will be able to present you with file results.

Setting up Dropbox for Alfred's syncing

If you're setting up a Mac from fresh and intend to use Alfred's Preferences Syncing, give Dropbox sufficient time to download your existing files from the cloud.

Only once Dropbox has finished downloading, set up your Alfred sync folder to the same location as before to use your existing preferences.

Experiencing a bit of Alfred lag?

A small subset of Macs, primarily those with auto-switching graphics cards, may experience lag when using Alfred themes with high window blur. This can easily be fixed by choosing a theme with lower window blur.

If you're seeing this lag, first, ensure you've updated to Alfred 3.5. Go to Alfred's Appearance tab and choose any of the default themes or, if using custom themes, lower the window blur to less than half on your active theme.

Lowering Window Blur

Showing Bookmarks in results

If you previously included bookmarks in your default results, you'll need to re-enable them under Features > Bookmarks. This allows Alfred to show bookmarks from your Safari and Google Chrome browsers, even though macOS 10.13 no longer shares this metadata.

Note that this preference isn't synced between your Macs to allow different settings per Mac, so you'll need to enable it on each Mac respectively.

Enjoy High Sierra!

Once you've set up your Mac with High Sierra, be sure to activate your Powerpack license. You can buy a new license or upgrade your existing one here to make the most of Alfred's features.

We and our community members have been using Alfred on High Sierra betas for some time, so you can expect a smooth experience with Alfred 3.5 on High Sierra.

If you encounter any issues not covered above, drop us a tweet at @alfredapp and we'll be happy to help! :)

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