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Enhance Your Vocabulary with Alfred's Dictionary Keywords

Alfred includes a brilliant range of features, between the free version and the Powerpack. To help you discover (or re-discover) them, we've created this collection of tips and tricks.

Did you know that Alfred's Dictionary feature includes two keywords to help you broaden your vocabulary when writing?

Defining a word

First, the "define" keyword will show in-line a brief definition of the word you're searching for. Press the Return key to pop up the Dictionary with a more complete definition if necessary.

If you're looking to expand your lexicon with synonyms, choose the Thesaurus the first time you launch the Dictionary app, and Alfred will ensure it's launched to the same tab next time.

Defining the word "luminous"

Checking spelling

Secondly, the "spell" keyword helps you check the spelling of a word, showing you the correct spelling in-line. Pressing Return copies the correct spelling to your clipboard.

Spelling the word "Hydrangea"

Under Features > Dictionary, you can choose to automatically paste the correctly spelled word to the frontmost application to save time.

May your future literary oeuvres be erudite and scholarly! ;)

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