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Yak Saver Workflow: Using the New Expression Utility

Amongst all the new features in Alfred 5.1, there is an inconspicuous new workflow object: the Expression Utility. It allows you to do maths calculations within your workflow without having to code a script.

It became immediately useful in the Yak Saver Workflow. Because it uses a Delay Utility which waits a number of seconds, you'd have to do some arithmetic yourself to configure the desired wait time.

Configuration for timer in seconds

Now we can ask for minutes and let the Expression Utility do the maths.

Expression Utility configuration

Yak Saver Canvas

Configuration for timer in minutes

Much better! A small change which makes a big difference.

Download the Yak Saver Workflow or browse the Alfred Gallery.

Alfred 5.1 Released: Automation Tasks, Gallery Improvements and More

Alfred 5.1 was released this week; It's a major update adding a wide range of improvements to Automation Tasks and the Alfred Gallery integration, Clipboard History and Snippets, and much more.

You can update to Alfred 5.1 from the Update tab in the preferences, or download it from

Automation Tasks Auto-Updater

Automation Tasks make it effortless to perform a wide variety of tasks; From changing your wallpaper or opening a new Safari tab to moving windows and converting dates and times.

There are over 150 tasks currently available already, which can be used as building blocks to create more complex workflows without writing a single line of code!

To support this, we've added the ability to keep these Automation Tasks auto-updated; In Workflows > Alfred Gallery > Automation Tasks Options..., check the box next to "Automatically keep Automation Tasks up to date" to ensure you always have the most recent version.

Automation Tasks Auto-Updater

If you're a workflow creator, you can also add the Automation Tasks to the Palette to make them easier to add to your own workflows; They'll then be included in the Palette search results for fast access.

The Workflow Gallery is Growing

The Alfred Gallery now contains more than 150 curated workflows and continues to grow with so many more to be added. Be sure to check out the Gallery and grab some new favourites!

Take a look at the Change Log for the full list of changes and improvements in this release.

Bringing AI to Alfred with Chatfred

Recently, Chris Lemke released a workflow for Open AI's ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 AI models. It seemed appropriate to ask ChatGPT to tell you more about the ChatGPT workflow!

Chatfred: A blog post by ChatGPT

Chatfred is an incredible Alfred workflow created by Chris Lemke that empowers Mac users to chat and generate images using state-of-the-art AI models like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2. To use Chatfred, users will need to sign up for an account with OpenAI and create an API key as this is essential to use the workflow. Don't worry, creating an account is easier than pronouncing "DALL-E"!

Image of a robot created using DALL-E 2

This workflow is a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their productivity and creativity while using their Mac. With Chatfred, you can chat and generate images directly from Alfred without switching between apps or browsers. It's fast, easy, and convenient. The support for AI models like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 makes Chatfred a standout workflow that can help you generate human-like responses and create stunning images with ease.

To use Chatfred, simply type the "cf" trigger keyword (or "cfi" for images) and the name of the model you want to use into Alfred's search bar. Then follow the prompts to generate your chat or image.

Alfred window containing the DALL-E 2 prompt

Chatfred is a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and take advantage of the latest AI technology. And hey, who knows, maybe you'll even be able to outsource some of your chatting to Chatfred so you can focus on other things... like telling more terrible jokes!

Download the Chatfred workflow on Alfred Gallery

Note: While ChatGPT wrote the article, I added relevant links and formatting.

Image credit: Created using DALL-E 2 via the Chatfred workflow, using the query "Photorealistic futuristic powerful AI productivity machine in cityscape, with purple and turquoise colours".

Discover How to Create Your Own Alfred Workflows

Curious about creating your own workflows but not sure where to start? We've got you covered with the built-in Getting Started Guide to Workflows and the Alfred Gallery!

The Getting Started Guide

You'll find a built-in guide introducing you to workflows and how to configure them in the Alfred 5 Preferences.

We created this guide so that absolute beginners could find their way with ease.

Getting Started Intro

To begin, open Alfred's preferences to the Workflows tab and click the "Getting Started Guide":

Getting Started Guide pointer

There are four short guides covering different aspects. Each guide is also accompanied by a companion page with more details.

The Alfred Gallery

The Alfred Gallery is the official source for Alfred workflows, providing you with an easy and safe way to discover workflows created by our amazing community. All it takes is one click of the "Install in Alfred" button!

Take a look at the Alfred Gallery's "Learning" tag; We've identified some simple, script-free workflows you can use to understand how they're made.

As well as being tagged, they're also marked with the Learning icon in the top left.

Learning Workflows

Some of the workflows include notes to guide you through what each object does.

Join our Community to Share Ideas

You can join the Alfred Forum if you have any questions while creating your workflows, or when you choose to share your creations with the community.

Alfred Gallery: Now in Early Access!

Since Alfred 5's release, we've busily been developing the Alfred Gallery platform, a new and official way to discover, install and update the fantastic range of workflows our community has been creating over the years.

Today, we're opening up the Alfred Gallery for early access for everyone to use! Simply update to Alfred 5.0.6 and navigate to to get started.

Alfred Gallery Home

What does Early Access mean?

We've already added almost 100 excellent workflows to the Gallery, with hundreds more already in review for adding over the coming months.

By opening up the Alfred Gallery early, it simplifies the process for our community to transition their workflows, adding pretty markdown intros, adding workflow user configuration, removing auto-updaters; All with the aim of bringing a consistent user experience for anyone using the Gallery.

Making Dependencies Easier

A small number of workflows require additional software or tools to operate; These will be highlighted as you browse the gallery.

Alfred 5.0.6 has made managing Homebrew dependencies simple with a new "Resolve Dependencies" process. If not already installed, this will guide you through the process of installing Apple's Dev Tools and Homebrew, then show you which Homebrew formulae need to be installed or updated for the Gallery workflows you have installed.

This also automates the process of installing missing languages such as php.

A Big Thanks to Workflow Developers

Alfred wouldn't be as amazing as he is without our incredible community of workflow developers; Alfred Gallery was created for you!

If you'd like your workflow to be included in the gallery, take a look at our submission page.

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