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Alfred 3.3 Released: Access to Clipboard for Workflows and Snippets Added

There are some releases that are particularly fun to test during the pre-release, and this was one of them; We've added a few brilliant features that will make fans of snippets and workflows very happy!

Accessing Clipboard History items from Workflows and Snippets

A big addition to this release is the new {clipboard:x} placeholder, which you can use to obtain items from Alfred's clipboard history. Add {clipboard:0} for the latest item, {clipboard:1} for the previous item, and so on.

There are so many practical uses for this feature;

  • Create a snippet that dynamically includes the last three items you copied (e.g. an email address, a postal address and a URL)
  • Add recently copied items as variables in your workflow
  • Create a custom clipboard merge using the last two items you copied

Take a look at the new "Clipboard" workflow under the Getting Started built-in workflows to see the feature in action. We'll also be publishing a tutorial in the next few days to share a few of the ways we've already been using this feature.

You'll also find the date and time dynamic placeholders have been added to relevant utility and output workflow objects.

Dynamic placeholders example

Better control over 1Password vaults

In November, we added access to multiple 1Password vaults, including Family and Team vaults, as well as secure notes and other non-login items.

In this release, we give you better control so that you can choose which vaults you want to see in Alfred, and whether non-login items should be included.

More ways to access Alfred's Preferences

While the quickest way to access Alfred's preferences is to pop up Alfred and use the cmd + , (cmd + comma) universal macOS shortcut for preferences, we've added another mouse-based way to get to them.

Right-clicking the bowler hat in the search bar will now show a menu with quick access to the preferences, the Update tab and a Quit option.

Access preferences by right-clicking the bowler hat

See all the ways you can access Alfred's preferences.

And much more...

In a continued effort to make Alfred as efficient and lightweight as possible, we've taken this opportunity to redraw many of the remaining bitmap icons to vector.

Not only do the icons now look much more modern in workflows, actions and the iTunes Mini Player, it's also had the effect of further reducing the download size, to around 2.8MB!

We've added a ton more optimisation, improvements and updated some web searches, so take a look at the change log to see the full list of new features, improvements and fixes included in this release.

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