Alfred Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet covers the default hotkeys, keywords and shortcuts for Alfred's features. Hotkeys in green are part of Powerpack features.

Note that, if you have changed hotkeys and keywords away from defaults, you'll need to refer to your own Alfred preferences to find out what they are.

Clever Question Mark:In Alfred, type "?hotkeys", "?keywords" or the question mark followed by the name of a feature, workflow, snippet, custom search, etc to bring up the relevant results.






Basic Hotkeys

space Show Alfred

Select the next result in the list

Select the previous item in the list

Action the currently selected item

# Action the # item directly [1-9]

o Open file or application in default application

, Show the Preferences Window

Search the currently typed query in Spotlight

Search the currently typed query in default web search

Reveal in Finder (if the result is a local file)

preferences Show Alfred Preferences

Launch applications

app name To launch an application simply start typing its name, then hit Return

Search the web

google, wiki ... Use predefined web search keywords

Find files quickly

open Follow keyword by query to open a file

spacebar Follow a space with your query to open a file

find Follow keyword by query to reveal file in Finder

o Open the file

in Follow by a query to search for files that contain this query

Speed up your Mac productivity

define Follow keyword by a word and get a definition

spell Follow keyword by a word and see results with suggested spelling

13*567 Type a calculation into main window to get the result

= Start an advanced calculation (enable this function in the Calculator Preferences)

screensaver Start Screen Saver

trash Show Trash

emptytrash Empty Trash

logout Log Out

sleep Sleep your Mac

sleepdisplays Sleep your Mac's displays

lock Lock your Mac

restart Restart your Mac

shutdown Shut Down your Mac

eject Eject (removable media or all mounted volumes)

hide Hide the running application

quit Quit the running application

forcequit Force Quit the running application

Work with files and applications

~ Navigate to your home folder

/ Navigate to your root folder

/ Go to last browsed path in the File System Navigation

previous Go to last browsed path in the File System Navigation

Show list of available Actions for selected item

fn Show list of available Actions for selected item

Show list of available Actions for selected item

\ Show list of available Actions for selected Finder item

Browse selected folder in File System Navigation

Enter a folder in File System Navigation

backspace Go up a folder


. Show hidden files in File System Navigation

Tip: start typing in name of a folder/file to select it

Save your clips

Clipboard History and Snippets are Powerpack features.

c Open Clipboard History viewer

c Copy selected clip to current Clipboard

snip Access snippets from main Alfred window with this keyword

clear Use keyword to clear Clipboard History

s While in the Clipboard Viewer, save current clip as a snippet

Listen to Music

The iTunes Mini Player is a Powerpack feature.

These keywords must be used while the Mini Player is showing. Set up iTunes workflows to add keywords to your default results or global hotkeys.

Show the iTunes Mini Player

itunes Use keyword to show the iTunes Mini Player

Play / Pause

play/pause Play / Pause keywords

Next Track

next Next Track

Back Track

back Back Track

previous Previous Track

Play Random Album

random Play Random Album

volmax Maximum volume

volmid Half volume

mute Mute volume

[0-5] Rate currently playing song from 0 to 5 stars

backspace Go up a folder in iTunes Mini Player

r Reindex iTunes library

Email and keep contacts

Contacts and Emailing is a Powerpack feature.

email Use keyword followed by name or email address to send an email using your default email client

Tip: If you open Address Book entries within Alfred, you can action individual fields (e.g. pressing return on an email Address will launch a new email to this address, etc)


Every workflow has its own set of keywords and arguments, so have a look at the workflow's own documentation for details. You'll either find the documentation within the content of the workflow or on the creator's own website.

You can also type your keyword or part of the hotkey into the Workflows search to find them more easily!

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