Alfred v4 is coming in June!

Your favourite productivity app for macOS is getting even better.

Alfred 4 Hat

I have questions...

Should I wait to buy Alfred 4?

If you buy Alfred 3 today, at the Alfred 3 price, you'll get an update to Alfred 4 for FREE!

Also, all your Alfred 3 settings and workflows will seamlessly import into Alfred 4.

What if I only just bought?

We have you covered too! If you bought in 2019, you'll get a FREE update to Alfred 4!

But what if I bought last year or before?

Don't worry, you'll get a discounted upgrade, including upgrading to the Mega Supporter Lifetime license :)

Can I help test the v4 Beta, or get early access?

At this time, we are running a closed Beta with some of our longer term users. When we are ready, we'll tell you!

I want to hear more as soon as humanly possible...

With pleasure! Just sign up here, and we'll take care of everything.


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Alfred 4 is Coming in June!

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