A Final Boost to Wrap Up The Year (With a Bow On Top!)

It's already 14th December! How is this month flying by so fast?

While you look forward to a chance to put your feet up and chill out, have you taken a look at the Alfred Christmas Calendar?

In the calendar, we've shared daily tips and tricks, like setting up custom searches for your most-used sites and using file filters to make your file searches super efficient. We've also published a few festive themes, a free collection of fun sound effects for you to use on your Mac, and featured some of our favourite workflows.

And, well... We may have also photoshopped the Queen of England.

Of course, you'll need to take a look at the calendar to see for yourself. We also look forward to seeing your own creative bowler hat artistry over the next few days! ;)

Make Noise With the Free Alfred Sound Bank

We've been having so much fun adding the latest feature to Alfred; A new "Play Sound" workflow object. Of course, we had to create some sounds to tickle your ears with!

The Alfred Sound Bank Volume 1 contains 32 sounds created on the Make Noise 0-Coast, and is free to download from our Alfred Labs page - where you might just see other cool projects appear over the coming months! :D

The sounds are 24-bit, 44.1khz aif files, and are free to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This means that you're free to use them in your Alfred workflows, your own apps or anywhere you like, with attribution.

Download the Alfred Sound Bank Volume 1.

How can I use the sounds in Alfred?

In Alfred 3.2.1, which we've just released today, we have added a new Output object to workflows called "Play Sound".

To add a sound to your workflow, add the "Play Sound" Output object to your workflow, and select a sound.

To add one of the new Sound Bank sounds, or your own, click the square button in the configuration and drop the aif or m4a file into this workflow folder. Press the "Refresh" arrow and choose your new sound from the Sound list.

The Play Sound Output configuration

Can I use the sounds in macOS too?

Absolutely! Add the sounds to ~/Library/Sounds/ and when you next launch your Sound System Preferences, you'll see these under the Sound Effects as "Custom", alongside the built-in ones provided by macOS.

If you then want to set one of these sounds for incoming mail in Mail.app for example, you'll launch Mail's General preferences and select the newly added sound for "New messages sound".

We look forward to seeing - and hearing - the latest auditory additions to your workflows. :)

Alfred 3.2.1 Released: New Play Sound Object, File and Clipboard Improvements

Really, we should have called this release 3.3, as it's more than a simple bug-fix release, but Andrew couldn't resist a release number as entertaining as 3.2.1. (Hey, it's the small things in life!)

In today's release, we have added a new Output object to workflows called "Play Sound".

The File Action trigger now supports content type tree, so you can add +public.image as a file type for an action to show for all files conforming to this type. Easier than adding every image type manually to your filter!

We've also improved the snippet behaviour so that it behaves more predictably when using the {cursor} positioning, both in snippets and when using dynamic placeholders in the "Copy to Clipboard" object.

As usual, you can take a look at the complete change log for more details.

Feel Festive with the Alfred Xmas Calendar

It's already December! Count down to Christmas with us, as we share tips, tricks and treats every day in the Alfred Christmas Calendar 2016!

Alfred Christmas Calendar 2016

Whether you're looking for a productivity boost in the mad dash to the end of the year, fancy a few new festive Alfred themes, or just want to have a bit of fun counting down the next few weeks, we'll be sharing something new every day until Christmas.

Follow us on Twitter at @alfredapp if you want to be reminded to check the calendar over the next few weeks :)

Learn to Create Workflows with Alfred's Built-In Examples

Did you know that there are dozens of workflow examples and templates built into Alfred to help you get started and learn how to create your own?

You can find these in the Workflows tab in Alfred 3; Click the [+] button in the bottom left to choose from the 13 Getting Started guides, 6 fully-functional example workflows, and 40 templates!

The built-in workflows include simple ones like launching an app and a folder at the same time using a keyword or hotkey, or filtering files to only show you results from specific locations and file types.

Getting Started with Hotkeys in Alfred 3

We've also added more advanced examples, which include helpful notes to help you discover how you can then modify them or create your own from scratch.

Chaining Inputs in Alfred 3

Once you've added an object to your workflow, double-click it to show the configuration panel; Clicking the question mark icon will launch the relevant help page where you'll find further information.

Finding Help in Workflow objects

Go ahead and give these workflows a try! You'll also find numerous tutorials, from beginner to advanced, in the Help section of our website. And once you've started creating your own workflows, you can exchange ideas and get help on the Alfred Forum too.

There's never been a better time to get started improving your own productivity by creating workflows that fit your work habits!

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